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Maria BurnhamHi! I'm a writer currently living in the lovely city of Manhattan. For years I have been reviewing comics online (nerd) and I am thrilled to be finally writing my very own comic. I'm also a hairstylist, a photographer, a chef, a sister, an Aunt (pronounced "ant", not "ahhhnt"), a dog-lover, a Jesus-lover, a reader, a bike rider, a surfer, a self-proclaimed know-it-all, and a friend. Thank you so much for reading this silly collection of stories and memoirs. They mean a lot to me. 88'sContact
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MaggieMaggie Siegel-Berele is, among many things, a comic artist. She's a recent graduate from the School of Visual Arts' Cartooning program and is ready to take the comic world by storm, and yet she still seeks more time to play D&D. She would like to give a proverbial shout out to Wendy and Richard Pini, as well as Adrian Alphono, for being such strong influences in her work. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, she has found New York City more and more pleasant the further from midtown she shifts. She hopes you enjoy reading this comic as much as she has enjoyed illustrating it!Contact