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Glossary of Terms

JUDITH: General term for Lesbian, to be used as a noun or an adjective.
*My sister is such a Judith!
*Does this shirt make me look Judith?

THE JUDITHS: In reference to the now married couple, Diana and Jackie.

JUDY: A straight girl that likes to go Judith after she has a few drinks in her.

JUDE: A boy that looks like a dyke.

DYKE: A term for lesbian that used to be a slur, but is now
widely (mostly) embraced.

CROSS-DRESSER: A term covering anyone who wears clothes generally assigned to the opposite gender. This is also a more P.C. Term for Transvestite. (At least, I was told that by a cross-dresser I know.)


LESBATRONIC: My friend likes to use this word instead of saying "lesbian-like".
* That girl is so lesbatronic in those shorts!

LESBIONIC: See "lesbatronic".

SCISSORING: I cannot bring myself to write out a description of this. Refer to the chapter entitled "CURIOUS OBSESSION".

CHRISTIAN: Hmmm. Well, the gist is someone who professes to read and follow the Bible, and who believes Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Saviour of mankind. This is also a term encompassing so many different sects and faiths and ideas, but I will not go into it here.

CATHOLIC: Like Christian, but with the Virgin Mary and the Pope thrown in.

MORMON: Followers of Christianity that also follow the teachings of Joseph Smith. You can watch the hit show "Big Love" if you want to know more.

PRIDE: Every year, in every big city, the Gays hold a parade that they call Pride. I did not know about it when I was younger, because shockingly, Orange County does not host a Pride Parade. This is something to be celebrated, because for so many years gay people had to hide from public view. Yes, the parades can get a little crazy and turn into a sh*t show, but the idea of celebrating diversity and choices and freedoms is still an important one. If you have never been, I encourage you to go one time. Hey, at the very least you are bound to catch some good eye candy and maybe even some quality fodder for your next dinner party.